Saturday, September 08, 2012

Not so sleepy anymore

Encinitas was once a sleepy beach town where surfers, growers, old-timers, and professionals escaping urban San Diego set down roots.  A laid back place to hang out and raise a family.

A friend who owns one of our town's 101 bars, has embraced our town's new hustle and bustle, and influx creating a vibrant downtown. Especially after dark. He likes to say, "people really like to drink" and the more people there are, the more fun we can all have.

Recently, this bar owner has been driving around an expensive car.

Downtown's character transformation hasn't been fun for many residents. Here is what one had to say:

Are these people afraid of change? Here is what Jack Frost thinks of Encinitas:

Now we got people stabbing each other at Dstreet B&G.

We haven't asked our bar owner friend if he drives his new car or his old car when he goes to work at night.   


  1. Why did you waste everyones' time with this second video? Who the hell is this clown anyway?

  2. Council needs the sales tax for their huge pensions they bless themselves and all City Employees. The new communist social elite. Jerome Stocks is to blame for Encinitas economic downfall.

  3. Possibly the most retarded LB post ever. WTF are you even trying to say? This is a half-baked shit sandwich. No thanks. Good grief.

  4. Oh, stabbing isn't so new around here. And hey, why haven't I heard anything about the man who ran over his brother killing him, or the guy who died after crashing into the guardrail at Jupiter St. this week? Anybody?

  5. FRED,

    I didn't hear about the Jupiter accident.

    The bro-down is covered here. Also some interesting stuff on the Bonnie and Clyde in the D Street stabbing.

  6. Wow, that dude is really hot! He knows a lot of long words and can almost operate a videocamera. Could swear I saw him at Michaels buying those glow in the dark stars last month.


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