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Pacific View Rezone: More Conspiracies? Oh, come on already.

I hadn't before seen the attachment, included here, sent to me by a friend; I'm very grateful to receive it and to pass it on.   I had talked about some of the information included in the attachment with our neighbors who should be at the Sept. 26 Council Meeting speaking to the Pacific View agenda item.  Sarah Garfield also wrote a great commentary opposing privatization and over-development of Pacific View which was published in the NCT.  Here's the link; it's worth reading!

Just to jog your memory, you also might be interested in reviewing the following links, through the  North County Times:

I found the links to be helpful, to me!

I also continue to feel that April Game is a "gamer," to make a play on her name.  It seems so unfair that the requests for proposals (RFPs) put out by EUSD were for redevelopment of Pacific View WITHIN THE SAME PUBLIC/SEMI-PUBLIC ZONING it now has, NOT for a rezoning to mixed use.  This seems like a "shell game," where Art Pulse, through Game, has misrepresented its financial standing in order to "beat out" the other proposals.  As you may know, John DeWald is a member of DEMA, so there's a conflict, there, in Dody Crawford's now allegedly "backing"  Art Pulse, although she before supported and helped to create Envision the View's far superior proposal (in our eyes).

It seems like the main thrust of EUSD Superintendent Timothy Baird is for rezoning.  He has negotiated with April Game, DeWald and the Board of Trustees, in closed sessions, to change the terms of the "deal," and to facilitate the rezoning under the pretense of developing an art center,  which is NOT being promoted as a true community art center, but rather a so-called "world class, mixed-use art center!"  It appears our much desired COMMUNITY art center is really being promoted under false pretenses, as a device to persuade people to go along with the rezoning. 

Art Pulse and DeWald are now claiming, after the fact of the February selection of Art Pulse's proposal  (although only 20 working days were allowed for proposals to be submitted to EUSD!) that rezoning is necessary, after all,  for financing, for funding the art center.  Were it to be rezoned, and PRIVATIZED, there would be NOTHING to prevent Art Pulse from determining, at some future date, after the rezone,  that it has to convert some (or all) of the so-called art "classrooms," to residential condo units.

Also, should Art Pulse fail, financially, and not be able to make payments on its debt, the school district could take back the property, already rezoned for mixed use development! We don't appreciate these ploys, and I'm sure that's not what is intended, by Council, or the EUSD Board of Trustees, either, whom I'm sure are operating in good faith as stewards "for the children." 

We should not put short term profit before the long term gain of our irreplaceable donated asset.  Pacific View should remain in the public domain, should remain public/semi-public, and should not be privatized by a change to a higher density, mixed-use zoning, which would negatively impact the neighbors, forever change our community character, and rob us of a part of our heritage!  We absolutely support struggling artists, a community art center and the children, make no mistake.

Lynn Marr

From the attachement:

On the 2009 IRS form 990-EZ (Short Form Return of Organization Exempt From Income Tax), April Game is documented as Executive Director of the San Diego Fine Art Society. Her income for that year (from the SDFAS) is listed as $12,015 for 60 hours per week, an hourly salary of approximately $3.50. 

At some point during 2009, Henry Moon (who is listed on the Board of Directors for the San Diego Fine Art Society) provided a loan to the organization in the amount of $92,684. This loan is documented on 2009 Form 990-EZ, Schedule L, Part II, but does not appear on the original 2009 IRS for 990-EZ. 

Excluding the $92,684 loan from Henry Moon, the 2009 IRS form 990-EZ lists the indebtedness of the San Diego Fine Art Society at $113,314. In the red. Debt. Minus. 

We all know how bad the economy has been and the 2010 IRS Form 990-EZ (received by the IRS on January 9, 2012) lists the San Diego Fine Art Society's indebtedness at $663,616. 

In 2010, April Game's salary as ecretary for the organization is listed at $64,038. If the xecutive irector to ecretary was a promotion, April Game received a raise of while the organization’s debt increased more than a half million dollars. 

How does that work? A 400% salary increase while the organization’s indebtedness goes from $113,314 to $663,616. It sounds like fiction, doesn’t it? 

It gets worse. For 2010, the San Diego Fine Art Society's total program service expenses are listed as $246,448. Beginning the year with a debt of $113,314, the organization documents its total support from public sources as $1,537. Yes, times have been tough. 

But included on 2010 IRS Schedule L (Transactions With Interested Persons), two loans to the San Diego Fine Art Society are listed. 

The source of one of the two loans listed on this document is April Game. The amount is $236. A nice gesture (considering the raise). The source of the other loan is listed as Henry Moon. The amount is $664,010. Both loans are documented as "Operational Support." 

Henry must be a heck of a nice guy. Especially after the SDFAS’s tough year—when they only took in $1,537 in total support from public sources. Maybe he just wanted to help with “other expenses.”
2010 IRS Form 990 or 990-EZ (Supplemental Information to Form 990 or 990-EZ) provides a list of "other expenses." Among the items on this list are the following: 

Artist Artwork for Events $6,129 PR and Marketing $123 Advertising $36,156
Supplies $37,814

Business Gifts $1,116
Development and Education $16,152 Travel and Meetings $71,833

These are not misprints.
Please read the minutes from the February 15, 2012 Encinitas Union School District’s Board meeting. After reading the minutes, would somebody please help me understand what (exactly) is going on here? Why was the proposal from Art Pulse (April Game, Executive Director) selected? 

Jim Babwe


  1. Wow, sorry, I just saw this. Thanks for posting it! I'm glad that Council voted to wait until after the EUSD lawsuit against the City is dismissed to reconsider whether or not staff should begin processing the Specific and General Plan Amendment for an entirely new zoning classification.

    The City would set a terrible precedent to create a new zoning category for development interests!


    John DeWald gets reimbursed by the City for dumping dirt on Leucadia Beaches!


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