Saturday, September 01, 2012

Question of the day

From the in box:

Besides obvious "off-the-record" reasons, why does the city refuse to paint curbs red within 15 feet of a fire hydrant? I've witnessed 4 people ticketed in one hour at the corner of A St. and the 101 in front of The Lofts. There is a fire hydrant about 10' from the corner on the south side of A St., but no curb markings or signs stating that it is a violation to park within [see below]. The motorcycle deputy was less than sympathetic with any of those being ticketed, and I understand that ignorance of a law is no excuse. But the allowable distance between fire hydrant and vehicle varies from city to city (some don't have any codes for this), and not marking the roads with appropriation signage is nothing short of extortion by the city.

Pop Quiz: How many feet do you have park from a hydrant in Encinitas? Where would you find this out other than on your ticket (anybody got a link)?

Answer: Lots of people had fun sending the link 
15 feet. That's one longboard and a short board laid nose to tail. 


  1. I didn't know cities had different regulations re fire hydrant parking but back in the dark ages when I took driver's ed it was 15 ft. That seems to be what the CA driver's handbook says as well.
    Wow, long link!

  2. i think its 15feet. I don't like red curb. Its ugly. Why paint all the curbs red. The law says 15ft. Right? Why pollute our neighborhood with ugliness. Gross.

  3. If you think you're above it all, don't know the law or don't pay attention because you are texting while you park, you deserve the ticket.

  4. Ignorance of the law is a great excuse for a broke city to raise revenues.

    That fat motorcycle cop's parents must be really proud of him.

  5. W.C.-Does the City get a part of whatever the Sheriff collects in tickets, be they parking, speeding, came, etc.? I am curious as I do not know the answer.

  6. Dr. Lorri,

    Yes, the city gets a cut.

    Here is the state law on how the money gets split up. It allows for cities and counties to negotiate different rates. I do not know what the split is in Encinitas.

    Encinitas' contract with the county for Sheriff services includes: "All
    personnel provided by SHERIFF in the performance of the services of this contract for CITY shall be COUNTY officers and employees, but shall be deemed officers and employees of CITY for the sole purpose of distributing fines and forfeitures pursuant to Penal Code Section 1463."


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