Wednesday, October 17, 2012

City Manager Approves Night Off

The council has regularly scheduled meetings. The schedule is approved by the legislative body (ie the council). The next meeting is tomorrow night. It is canceled.

According to our source (someone fact check this please) the council did not vote to cancel tomorrow's REGULARLY SCHEDULED meeting, as they usually do when they want to skip one for summer recess.

It sure looks like Mayor Stocks did not want to hear anymore blubbering from the public (he's recently not responding to questions, so you'll have to ask him yourself about this).

He sure seems to be getting getting sick and tired of those stalkers and whiners with nothing else better to do than stand up for fair play at city hall. Man, how stupid are those people? Politicians are supposed to cheat, manipulate, and spin, right? That's what they are paid to do. See how upset he got when the public forgot this:

Canceling the council meeting allows Mayor Stocks and the rest of the council, if they go along with this, to stay away from the public. The Mayor surely needs a break.

Canceling the meeting was done behind closed doors (according to one source, do your own fact check and let us know). According to our source the meeting can't be canceled like that (same).

Who's going to ask  City Manager Vina why he is going along with this? Maybe the City Manager can explain why the cancellation process was in compliance with city policy and law. Don't be surprised if he doesn't respond. He's getting good at not responding to questions that reveal "mistakes."

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