Thursday, October 11, 2012

Encinitas Mayor to fight imaginary beach rock menace

From Jerome Stocks Mayor of Encinitas

 re: September Update.

 Hi John, I got a call from one of the members of my college surf team. “

Hey Jerome, what’s up with all the rocks on the beach in Encinitas?” 

We’re fixing it right now, I told him. “We are dumping 1.4 million cubic yards of sand on beaches in 5 cities all over San Diego County, including the beaches in Encinitas.”

 “Is that near Cardiff or Moonlight Beach?” he wanted to know.

 Sure is, Leucadia too, I told him.

 “Covering the rocks?”

 Yes and protecting the bluffs, too.

 “Nice," he said. "But what about the surf? You are not going to mess up the surf breaks are you?”

 No. It didn't in 2001 and it won't this time either.

 “Oh, O.K. then. Bye.”

 I tweet about these things from time to time. You can follow me on at @JeromeStocks.

 Enjoy your week, Jerome Stocks Mayor City of Encinitas

  The above letter is not satire. 

If you look closely you will see some rocks in this photo, taken 10-11-12
From Encinitas Patch
Batiquitos, Moonlight and Cardiff beaches had been scheduled to receive new sand this month as part of a regional project—but that timeline has been pushed back about a month. According to an update from the City of Encinitas, the setback is due to a holdup on equipment—and to avoid impacting grunion runs, nearby nesting and foraging shorebirds, and lobster season.


  1. FUCK!!!!!


    Jerome Stocks stench has spread to no evail. its embarassing. How pathetic to have a council member who is such a scumbag......

  2. Imaginary friend and surfing glory days too?

  3. I really like washing my car right before it rains. Sand replacement right before winter swells makes about as much sense.

  4. No doubt. Millions of dollars of sand washed out to the ocean in the first winter storm. Thats my prediction!


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