Saturday, October 13, 2012

Fallout from the Midnight Cowboys' Ride

In 1999 much of the general public and media were thrilled to get behind USA's victory in the Women's World Cup.

Some of us will remember that there was a bit of controversy about the game ending penalty shots. USA's goalie stepped forward too early. That is a rule violation. Some would say minor, not a capital offense. Some said it was just gamesmanship. They won, right!   

Who cheats if they don't think it will give them an advantage? Certainly, Muir and Mayor Stocks thought they would get an advantage by posting signs early. To them it is just gamesmanship. They probably considered that even if they got caught few voters will find out or care and that complaints can easily be dismissed.

The problem is bottom-up as much as top-down.

I've run across way too many 20 somethings who believe that cheating is only cheating if they get caught. The lesson in getting caught cheating? Answer: the cheating wasn't done well enough, not that cheating was wrong. Many voters will say that what Muir and Jerome did was minor or gamesmanship and irrelevant.

They've balanced the budget, are building the park, and keeping us safe, right? We love Encinitas and are very satisfied. Incumbents should be reelected (Muir and Stocks)!


If small violations matter they must matter regardless of party affiliation or alliances. There should be no mutual defense alliances when it comes to following the rules and both sides should be willing to abide.

If the rules suck, change them. If someone cheats, they should make up for it.

In this case, how should Muir and Stocks make up for a extra weekend day of signage? How about Muir and Stocks take down those signs for one weekend day? That's not even punitive. Other ideas?


Below are a few clips of how things are going. I don't think it is likely that Muir and Stocks are going to be willing to even the playing field. I haven't heard of them offering to make up for it.

Watch this 10 News footage.  I'm voting for Jerome because he is so fun to watch.

This was a random clip, which turned out funny so we kept it. It is 98% out of context. See for yourself here. Send us another shot and we will swap it out.
This is probably what got Jerome so happy:

 Don't forget that the 1999 soccer team were treated as heroes by many.  Some of the people bringing up the cheating were labeled curmudgeons.


  1. Will we hold all candidates to the same "early sign scrutiny"? If not, why not.

  2. Good point peaches. I agree that every candidate that was video recorded placing Stock/ Muir signs 2 days early, under the cover of darkness, should be held to the same scutiny.

  3. We will.

    Hopefully, others will too.


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