Monday, October 08, 2012

Leucadia Town Council Candidate Forum Tuesday Night

Ask the candidates running for Encinitas City Council some questions in person.
Tuesday 7-9PM at Encinitas Community Center (1140 Oak Crest Park Dr, Encinitas).

Thanks Ruthless Hippies for the reminder.


  1. Questions:
    Do you believe that planting political signs illegally is just part of a normal political campaign,as our Mayor believes?
    Do you believe that it's an example of open government to only have the most bare minimum legal notice in the middle of the summer when
    committing the city to borrowing $8 million and draining $7 million from approved city projects in order to fund development of a controversial regional sports park?
    Do you think it is appropriate to drain all of the emergency flood money into the regional sports Park? Are the flood issues in the Leucadia solved?

  2. $tock$ and Muir aren't looking forward to these forums, as the heat will be on them. They are resting their laurels on the assumption that their special interest bought mailers and posters will sway the uninformed voters. These guys cannot be trusted to guide the city thru these perilous financial times - they are corrupt and incompetent.

  3. So What.... so was Bush, Clinton, Bush, and Obama, Arny and Jerry Brown.... voters are as dumb as slugs and less interested in learning anything.

    I bet they are right.... they special interest money will buy the elections....

    Encinitas voters are as dumb as they come.

  4. $tock$ blew it at the forum last night when addressing the issue of the early posting of his political signs. His response was so arrogant and condescending that the crowd present began to boo him. He appeared unphased by the response; he has been in the council for 12 years and feels entitled and invulnerable - this election will prove that one way or another. DUMP $tock$!


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