Friday, October 26, 2012

more sand no more tourists

The sand dredger has been pumping sand all night long. Now they are pouring it on George's.

A couple big storms will wipe a away this multimillion dollar project, which is suppose to bring more tourist money to Encinitas. But how can that work if the parking at George's was already full, even when there was no sandy beach some years ago?

On the surf side of things, George's had a crew of guys hitting it up. George's had been working with these little wind swells.  

Does tourist season and election season coincide? Everyone loves puppies, apple pie, and sand.

1 comment:

  1. Bilbray fliers have him with his long board. $tock$ will be seen pouring sand out of his loafers. Muir will complain that sand got in his double-decker burger. Yes - the timing is 'coincidental', I'm sure....


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