Wednesday, October 24, 2012

SD Rostra on Signage & More

I know three people who would write a blurb for SD Rostra on Encinitas' phony pension reform and our city's future budget mess, if they thought they would publish something that outlined Jerome's history.

They did publish this about the signage stuff. Hat tip to Barry.

North Coast Current Chimes in on independence in the local media. Hat tip NCCurrent.

And another reason to go to City Hall -> Blodgett and Helmreich on display. Both are icons of Encinitas.


  1. All it typically takes is a guest columm, as long as it's well-written and -- of course -- not libelous or anything. Rostra would welcome something on pensions and budgets in Encinitas. There's something on SB today, FYI...

  2. The pension issue is an important topic and if we don't address it will swallow everything else up into the only topic.

    Give us a few days to ask candidates and council people to fact check and give their perspective and we'll get it wrapped up and packaged.

  3. I've never been or wanted to be "political." And the only reason I wrote the article and hoped someone would listen/publish was because there are some times when doing nothing is the wrong thing. I can't control responses or reactions but I can tell the truth as it happened. Thanks.

  4. Mr Babwe, having Andreen shill your big announcement that you alledgedly had a personal phone call during a class from someone who was gruff with you does not encourage people who know Andreen to believe you. It is not the same as video of the law being broken. If you did not want to 'be political', you had that option, You chose to be political by hooking up with Andreen, writing the article and sending it out.
    We have all witnessed Mr Andreens twisting reality, imply, confuse and lie to promote the Stocks reign.
    I do not care about your personal phone conversation.
    It was used to distract from the recorded Muir/Stocks
    It will encourage me, and anyone who knows what goes on, to vote for Schaffer and Kranz.


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