Saturday, October 06, 2012

Super Not Green SOMETHING (updated)

A big ol' ship has been cruising up and down the coast. Looks like a sand dredger to me.

Because there is sand on our beaches already and we are going into winter, this ain't going to bring any more tourists than were going to come anyways. Hope there is no El Nino to strip ALL the sand (new and old) off the shoreline.

It takes a lot of energy to pump and haul sand.  That ship doesn't burn its (bunker?) fuel very clean. There is a brown plume coming out the ship's exhaust stack. More CO2 and particulates into the atmosphere! But its okay, I'm sure there were several other "green" projects approved last week.

TCN: Sand dumping to begin in October. 

Update: The smokey ship has been circling outside of south George's. That's where the sewer outfall is. That ship probably is working the pipeline. We are 98% certain that the sand dredger will not pollute as much.


  1. I've been told those boats are working on a pipeline, not dredging sand. They've been inching their way up from La Jolla. There will however be sand dredged out of the Batiquitos again soon - if it hasn't already occurred.


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