Wednesday, October 31, 2012

(rush draft) Will the UT Defend its Reasoning?

Papa Doug tosses out a last minute endorsement for Stocks, Muir, and Forrester. 

Either we are super crazy or Papa Doug's UT has no shame.

Here is some stuff the UT writes:
This trio represents the best possibility for the city to continue on its path of fiscal responsibility and economic development. 

Quietly raising business fees (Fred?), is pro-small biz?
Borrowing money and using that money to fill reserve funds is smart? Only from the perspective that you can spin the high reserves and not tell the public about how you got the reserves.

Not having enough money for the crown jewell project of the council majority, after 10 years to save up (and borrow $20 million twice), is fiscally responsible.
Blowing millions on stupid real estate deals, keeping the pubic unaware of the actual costs for borrowing (AGAIN) for building the hall park, lying to public about the costs of the Hall park and breaking the law on restricting access to financial documents, giving massive pension increases, not paying for the pension increases, hiding the true nature of the pension underfunding, lying about revenue projections, giving raises through the worst economic downturn, blowing money on stupid public records law violations, underfunding streets repairs (hiding the BDI past 4 year out) and refusing to release to the public the current roads repair underfunding levels after spending $100K on software that allows the city to update the underfunding report at a touch of a button!

The candidates most likely to be the top vote getters in this race can clearly be divided along ideological lines, with the above three pitted against Lisa Shaffer and Tony Kranz, who represent a more liberal point of view. 

Left versus right. Keep that in mind future anti-establishment campaign workers. Don't be greedy.

A win for Shaffer and Kranz, along with the general disposition of Teresa Barth, would flip the majority of the council in a direction that would lead away from economic vibrancy. 

Things are bad when the "liberals" are the only credible candidates supporting real pension reform. also chairman of the San Diego Association of Governments and board member at North County Transit District. 

The UT forgot about the Sprinter mismanagement and that under Stock's leadership SANDAG  has grossly borrowed and does not have a balanced Transnet budget. It could have, and provided better long-term economic stimulus to the county.

Stocks’ calling card has been to keep the city on a path of improved quality of life and fiscal responsibility. 

There is no way someone at the UT could put there name to this statement and defend it if they knew anything about Encinitas.

When asked about his record, he points to projects like the Whole Foods mixed-use complex and the Encinitas Lofts developments as the right direction for the city. 

Jerome did that? Huh? How did he do that? Was he an investor or something?

Mark Muir is a former fire chief of Encinitas and was appointed to fill the vacancy left by the death of Maggie Houlihan in late 2011.

Also appointed to fire chief under the appearance that he was given job with no competition or a record of even applying for the job, after working on his buddies council campaigns.

Forrester would be the newcomer. He is a real-estate broker and lawyer who once served on the Olivenhain Town Council and has been on several city task forces, including the Encinitas Ranch Specific Plan Task Force. 

Did he speak out against the way ERGA was organized?  He won't answer questions about his statements that there is no open government problems in Encinitas, making it ironic if he gets elected.

All three — Stocks, Muir and Forrester — oppose the Right To Vote initiative, which if placed on a future ballot and enacted would send all zoning changes that increase density to the voters for approval. Such planning by strangulation is anathema to improving the quality of life in Encinitas. 

Why? Increasing zoning is a rare event and the Right to Vote initiative does not change anything related to current property rights. It does mean that windfall profits can't be gained by buying off a favorite council member. Remember Prop A (local agriculture to be upzoned to suburbia). Jerome and Muir loved it. The voters did not want it. The voters could have just deferred to the electeds, but they did not.

The anti-business side of the ballot is represented by Shaffer, a business ethics lecturer at UC San Diego, and Kranz, a printing company executive who ran unsuccessfully in 2010. 

This might be true, but I couldn't say that and I doubt the UT could defend this. Examples?

Their point of view on the greater intervention of government — say, as represented by support of the Right to Vote proposal — is unwelcome in a sputtering economy. 

The right to vote only moves the approval from the council to the people. No more or less intervention, no?

They also oppose Proposition K, the Encinitas ballot measure that would make the city’s mayoral spot an elected one rather than an appointed one. 

How can they be for and against the right to vote? That's really awkward.

This last minute editorial is just in time for one more mailer to include the UT endorsements. Do most people know this is Papa Doug's endorsements?  A lot do. A lot have already voted too. 

My money is on this scenario, Jerome freaked out and called in his favors at the UT. The UT didn't interview the candidates and it was believed they would not be endorsing during this election at all for local city council races. Why the change of heart and why was it written by someone who didn't know squat about Encinitas. 

You won't learn what is going on fiscally by reading the UT.


  1. It is very disappointing to see that our only major print media source in the San Diego area takes such a one sided and biased position in a local election. I urge any prospective voter who is looking for accurate information to take a look at other sources before they vote.

    Stocks and Muir have a tenure of fostering a city government that is unapproachable, financially unsustainable, and is ripe with cronyism and corruption.

    Before you vote, please look into the city’s unsustainable pension obligation, Muir’s $170K a year pension, mutable unethical and illegal campaign activities in every election, “Hatch Act “ violations, and one of the most expensive and marginally effective fire departments in the state, etc, etc. You don’t have to look far to see that there are major problems with these guys.

    It is up to each and every one of us to keep our government and media credible.

  2. This late endorsement constitutes more doublespeak from development interests. Despite past editorials about Stocks' failures when it comes to open government and transparency, despite pieces from the U~T Watchdog, which demonstrate our City's lack of reserves, it appears the new U~T owners "trump" the actual news or past editorial opinions, in making its bogus recommendation.

    In this last minute "hit-piece," anyone suggesting caution is labeled anti-business, rather than someone who advocates for careful, well-considered growth, or no growth at the expense of current residents. Anyone who is not pro "unchecked development" is also dismissed as a liberal. Someone warning against over-development is NOT anti-business! We could have a thriving business community, which is more based on services, rather than selling off all of our land and open space, while creating denser and denser living conditions with more and more traffic, less and less of our laid back beach town community character.

    There would always be some redevelopment of infill lots and former greenhouse properties. But we are basically "built out" according to the original General Plan. The only thing to do, now, to keep up the constant growth process needed by those who make their money by ever escalating development, is to build up, to build developments that are more and more dense. That's not our vision for our City.

    We hope people will continue to sign the initiative, to collect signatures, so that we can pass the referendum to allow citizens to vote on upzoning. Stocks could only be re-elected out of misinformation, ignorance or apathy of the general public. I know we've worked hard to inform the voters!

    With respect to Proposition K, everyone can and should vote YES on two-year term limits, whether or not we vote NO on an elected mayor. Because should K pass by a majority of those casting ballots, we definitely would opt for a two year term, NOT a four year term, which would only create more of a "strong mayor" type city government, and would ensconce a particular mayor's agenda, making it harder for the public to have any direct input, further decreasing separation of powers and the limited checks and balances we have, in Encinitas, where Council is judge, jury and executioner, sitting as judicial, legislative and executive branches, all rolled into one.

  3. I recieved the most disgusting hit piece slate mailer on Tony today. It is full of outrageous lies and misinformation.

    The UT supported trio has their fingerprints all over this latest slate mailer lie but we know they will claim they know nothing about it or who put it together.

    We know they hide behind all the lies!

  4. Loser Leucadian; I also received the "hit" piece about Tony and was so angry I called the Coast News to see if he would publish something I could write before this Friday's edition. They explained that they did not want to give any credence to this piece. So, I will wait until after the election. It smelled of the Lincoln Club and perhaps Mike Andreen. Cannot verify that, but the address was on Navajo Drive in San Diego, people known for their very dirty tricks. For those interested there is no such thing as an Anger Management Disorder and it is certainly not related to an AntiSocialPersonality Disorder. Both were suggested in this piece of trash. Whoever wrote this, did not know anything about psychology and to label Tony these things, should be libel per se, but I doubt if Tony would sue, and I am not sure who he would sure since the cowards did not put anyone's name on it except some bogus outfit.

  5. Dr. L,

    Why don't you ask your good friend Mark Muir and his running mate Jerome Stocks?

  6. Good point.

    Dr. Lorri,

    You should ask Muir.... for 170k a year of tax payers money forever! He should be able to answer your questions.

    How you support Muir and scum bag Jerome Stocks is beyond me.

  7. Randy and Becky: How is it that you know who I support and who I don't. Do you have some inside information from someone? I obviously support Tony, or I would not have wasted my time posting on this blog. So, I will once again bid you all good-bye, as I thought that perhaps some of you might actually be interested in what is happening in this City. I was obviously wrong. I will be writing a piece in the Coast News for those who are interested. It will be after the election, as I did not get Tony's hit piece until after the deadline. So sorry this blog has not risen to higher standards.

  8. Oh Dr. Lorri got her feeling hoo.... Its good you have feeling, it makes you human.

    So you ask, "How do we know who you support? " You have told us you are friends with Muir and support him.... thats how.

    How you support someone that has actively supported the biggest scum bag in the history of Encinitas is confusing to say the least. There is blatant financial favors both ways- You help get me elected, and I will make you fire chief and raise your pension 35% so that you can retire at full salary at 55 at the cost to all tax payers.

    Its like being friends with a nice but known child molester. Its just wrong.

    Oh, I know.... you scratch my back and I will scratch yours.....

    Next you'll say that Mike Andreen is a decent guy. Haaa!

    Its obvious we are interested in what is happening in Encinitas and thats why it is so important to get the word out to all encinitas voters to Dump Stocks and his crony lapdogs. Lets have a Council that actually listens and care about its citizens.

    So Ciao for now Dr. Lorri.... until next time. I give you 9 months.

    Hugs and I look forward to your piece in the Coast News!



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