Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Enc City Council Race early results

via www.smartvoter.org


  1. Wow, I'm elated. I had suspected that Shaffer, Kranz and Muir were the most likely to be able to displace Stocks. I hope these results "hold firm," and become final, with Stocks being DUMPED!

    I feel Barb Yost could have done better had some of Lisa and Tony's supporters advising a target or bullet vote for only two. In my opinion, that's unwise when there are three open seats. My main goal was to get Stocks out. Barb did fairly well, so far, considering she is a relative newcomer to city politics.

    So many people worked so hard. Thank you all for your contributions of time, effort and funds, including Jim Kydd. The early results also show that Prop K is leaning toward our having an elected mayor, beginning after the general election in November of 2014, and a majority vote for yes on L, so serving a two year term. Fortunately, the four year term is going down.

    With a change of Council majority, I hope Teresa Barth will get a turn to be mayor for 2013, after having been skipped over three times in her six years in office. Perhaps, Lisa Shaffer, who is receiving the most votes of any other candidate should be in line for mayor in 2014, as deputy mayor for 2013?

    Hooray! This shows that Encinitas citizens are not fooled by big signs and deceptive, misleading mailers from political action committees, which don't disclose their advertising spending towards those candidates' they endorse as contributions, thanks to our now very partisan Supreme Court.

    Because of Supreme Court rulings that money equals free speech and corporations are people, elections have changed. Abuse becomes a bigger factor, when it's legal. Fortunately, so far, this election, here in Encinitas, doesn't seem to have been "bought" by PACs. This demonstrates the integrity and intelligence of the electorate, here.

  2. I feel like a dream, is it true? Was Stocks really dumped?

  3. Finally... A new day in Encinitas. Congrats to the new council members. Encinitas finally has a Council it will can be proud of.....

    I am so happy for all Residents and Business owners alike. I think I am most thankful for Teresa Barth and Maggy H (God rest her wonderful soul) for enduring some brutal years on Council given the super negative focus of past councils due to the sponsorship of special Interests. Thank you both and Thank you Tony and Lisa for stepping up and making this happen. Its fricken amazing.

    Barb would have done better if she wasn't aligned with Lynn and Bob A. That is also a very negatively focused group.

    Maybe she will learn her lesson and evolve before the next election we shall see in two years.

    Wow. I hope I can get back asleep? I am so stocked......Lets celebrate this huge win for Encinitas..... this is amazing and shows what good things can happen if you think Globally and act locally.

    Thanks again to all involved in making this happen especially Tony, Lisa and Teresa..... You know Maggie is smiling down on Encinitas tonight!!!

  4. That is going to be one happy and packed first Council meeting when the new council is seat!!!!

    I know I'll be there!

    Good Night!

  5. Ding Dong the Witch is dead - the wicked witch is really dead (politically)!!!

    Fresh air wafts thru the chambers at City Hall . . .

  6. Wow... it wasn't a dream..... Congrats to Encinitas!

    The Witch is Dead! (meaning Special Interests over citizens quality of life is dead)

    Free at last!!!

  7. What is StockS last day as a councilman? People should give him a good send off - bronze DUMP STOCKS stickers!


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