Sunday, November 11, 2012


This flier says it was paid for by the Muir and Stocks campaigns. It was all over middle Encinitas a few days before the election. I wonder if the polls were saying the people want to vote on upzoning and the public knew who was supported by big developers.

The UT says Muir was against the right-to-vote initiative. If is for the right to vote, which part of the right-to-vote initiative is he against?


  1. How can they lie? They look so sincere when they smile!

  2. Thank our Lord the political witch is dead.

  3. Muir is just a fatter shadow of Stocks. The Shaffer/Kranz duo should have let Yost ride the political coattails - but they advocated no 3rd vote - a mistake in hindsight! Now Fattie anchors in with Stepford wife Gaspar.

  4. Stocks, Gaspar and Muir were observed meeting on Thursday Nov. 14th at a public location in clear, blatant and public violation of the Brown Act.

  5. No pictures.
    Anonymous claim.
    No explanation of a clear violation. No explanation of any violation. The Brown Act has no prohibitions against council members congregating . There is not prohibition of the appearance of violating the Brown Act.

    Did they discuss an agenda item?

    The only way one would ever know that is if they participated in the Brown Act violation.

    Should the Brown Act prohibit 3 way communication among Council Members, at all, just because people might ASSUME public business is being discussed?

    Who cares anyways, the public just gets in the way and is a hindrance.

    Now that we have a better majority don't we want them to hash it out in secret, so they will be able to make more progress. The other side won't have as much time to figure out what is happening until it is too late!

  6. Maybe $tock$ was discussing the farewell party the city is going to give him? He can be Muir's orderly @ $50K/year. These crooks will try to resist the majority, but they should be powerless. Too bad Muir made it - he is worthless.


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