Monday, November 05, 2012

Sign, Sign Everywhere a Sign

2012 has been the year of the sign in Encinitas. Battles and bumbles over public banners, art, graffiti, billboards, bumper stickers, censorship, media ethics and political signs all played themselves out in our little lab of democracy by-the-sea.

We at spoke to a few city council candidates recently. Some of these topics such as the 101 Artist Colony banners and the Surfing Madonna did pop up. Incidentally, the
Surfing Madonna was a favorite art piece of all three candidates we interviewed.

Our chats with Tony Kranz (click to see interviews) and Lisa Shaffer happened before the sign-gate story picked up steam, so we did not ask them any questions relating to political signs. And while we considered this little scandal to be somewhat of a distraction from the real topics that voters should be focusing on, we were glad to find Mark Muir ready to give his take on the incident.

We wished we could have interviewed all of the city council candidates, but there simply was not enough time in our lives. Also, Mayor Stocks was not interested in meeting with us for an interview. He keeps e-mailing us though about stuff like fighting graffiti, how happy he is to meet with anyone in person and how his e-mails aren't costing tax payers any money. We're not even sure how he got a hold of our address. We hope that by next year there's a new city ordinance defining all political signs as graffiti.

Lisa Shaffer, who we did give our email address to, informed us of a cool little event she is holding to clean up those ugly signs:

Sign Collection Saturday, Nov. 10. This campaign has been too costly and too dirty. In an effort to clean things up, I'm asking everyone who has a Shaffer for Council campaign sign to bring it to one of the following collection points on Saturday, Nov. 10. We're selling the metal holders back to a distributor and donating the corrugated plastic signs to art programs for re-use. Thanks to my volunteers for their help.

New Encinitas, in front of Flora Vista on Wandering Lane
10:00 - 12:00
Historic Encinitas, D Street Park (across from the library)
12:00 - 2:00

Happy voting to all!


  1. Signs suck and are stupid.

    I'm specifically NOT voting for Steve Danon because he had too many signs and too many mailers. It just isn't natural. Somebody must be bankrolling that guy to the tune of $zillions.

    The guy could be great but his signs blew it for him.

  2. Jerome Stocks is Danon's campaign manager.

  3. Danon is Bilbray's chief of staff.

    If you live in that district, vote for Scott Peters.

  4. Wow.... What a night!!!

    Even Special Interest Danon was dumped due to special interest backing....

    Finally Voters are waking up!!!

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