Monday, December 17, 2012

Mayor Barth

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  1. I'm surprised that for being such an environmentally friendly/sensitive city and having many residents who support the "Green" movement and live its lifestyle, that Green Party Presidential Candidate Jill Stein received so few votes--in fact in most precints less than Libertarian Gary Johnson. One would think that a Green Party candidate in progressive areas such as coastal Encinitas and Solana Beach, with a plastic bag ban, would garner hundreds if not thousands of votes. It's odd that for seeing so many pro environmental messages on t-shirts, cars, storefronts, etc throughout Leucadia, Cardiff, Solana Beach and reading about how many in the environmental movement are disappointed that Obama hasn't been more progressive on the environment, climate change, carbon taxes, etc, that voters along the coat didn't follow through and vote for the Green Party Candidate for President in large numbers. Could it be that most residents are flaky/phony in their support of the green movement and do it mainly for business reasons and to be popular/cool?

    Interesting Maps/Results Here:

    2012 San Diego General Election Results | |

  2. Link to Election Results Maps:

  3. People don't vote for Green Party candidates because they have enough sense to realize those candidates don't have even a remote chance of winning. By and large, people with environmental concerns vote for Democrats because members of that party are more environmentally oriented than Republicans. If great numbers of people voted for Green Party candidates, that would reduce the Democrats' chances of winning, thereby increasing the Republicans' chances. If more Republicans win, the environment would suffer more than it already is.

  4. It needs to be more then just the one party race that it currently is the Republicats- the same group that runs the offense industry and the Banking industry.


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