Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Small cute children stretching at school, a religion?

With the recent election, and arguing about pensions and the other going ons,  the Leucadia Blog has not covered the newest bizarre controversy in town: Your cute wittle kids are totally getting indoctrinated into an Eastern religious cult because they are learning how to do yoga stretches at school.

 It's hard to know where to begin with this story, back when I started this blog in 2005 I would have dedicated an hour of my life to typing up some witty commentary skewering all the players involved, but these days I've kicked the blog over to Krazy Kevin, who only cares about the pension crisis and I just don't have time for this goofball nonsense anymore.

So, let's keep it short. Dean Broyles is an Escondido attorney who plans to sue the school district because they added yoga to the physical education program saying it's totally a religion and not just stretching (it's just stretching, before we go any further, it's just stretching. If you think it's anything more than just stretching then you are brain damaged). 

SD UT story: Encinitas classroom yoga conflict a precursor to litigation?

Check out Dean Broyles webpage about religious liberties: clicky

*DISCLAIMER: I have a 5 year old in our local school system and turns out he has been doing yoga. The other day he grew a beard and hijacked a plane because he was so limber. You are right Dean Broyles, this should have never have happened. Thank you for saving America.

IVN San Diego News story: clicky 
North Coast Current Op-Ed does the heavy lifting for me: clicky

Even the right wing Fox News loves a Yoga Milf.
Fun fact: 33% of the Encinitas economy relies on the sales of yoga pants. 


  1. Ok, so if it indeed is just stretching why don't they call it "just stretching" instead of all those fancy, 3+ syllable foreign words that could mean anything from "I'm the devil" to "Hah hah you are an idiot." ??

    Why don't they use the $ on reading riting and rithemitic?

  2. Huntington - they could call it stretching. Or they could be more vague and call it exercising. Either way would have saved them a lot of trouble. However, the specific type of stretching they are doing is yoga, so it makes sense to call it that.

    I have not done the specific type (Ashtanga) of yoga that they are doing at school, but I have done a few others (years ago when I hurt my back - it helped) and they all used English names (if perhaps a bit ridiculous) for the poses. It was clear that I never did the "I'm the Devil" pose. I did do "down dog", which could have been renamed to make me more comfortable with it.

    The reason that they aren't using the money for RRR is because it was donated by someone who is trying to promote yoga. I would also have preferred that the money be used for RRR. However, my understanding is that it actually frees money for other things that would have been used on PE. So a donation to any subject helps them all.

  3. I don't think anyone is seriously concerned that yoga is religious indoctrination. The real motive for this is "revenge" for things that were previously banned from schools on grounds of religious indoctrination.

    You know when liberal types got butthurt over the word God being in the pledge of allegiance, or Christmas decorations in the classrooms, etc., and made a stink trying to ban trivially religious stuff like that?

    Well, as a result of that, now conservative types are butthurt that any mention of God or Santa Claus can be banned as religious indoctrination, and in an act of passive aggressive retaliation are making a stink to ban something trivially religious that they know their liberal-type "enemies" want to have in schools.

    Actual honest principles went out the window a long time ago. This is nothing but team-FoxNews red monkeys flinging feces at their team-CNN blue monkey enemies.

  4. By George, I think he's got it!

    I was trying to figure out where those parents were coming from. I know lots of right-wing yahoos and Christian types, and none of them would object to yoga in schools.

    But this does serve as a good illustration of the intolerance of taking Christmas songs out of holiday events, etc.

    Well, played, Escondido wackos... except it took us so long to figure out what the hell you were talking about. Maybe next time you have to explain it.

  5. That's sounds like an excellent value proposition... ooops I mean donation, for the yoga people.

    So if I want to promote my specific brand of jump-roping then all I have to do is donate money to the school system? Then millions and millions of school children will be indirectly taught that MY form of jump-roping is legitimate. Based on the defacto endorsement of the public school system and their highly-paid porsche driving managers - I have effectively institutionalized my form of jump-roping such that I've created a permanent place in society for it!

    Put a brand on everything! God Bless America!

  6. BG3 - that is the best explanation that I have heard yet and I hope it is true. While I still don't like the people who are doing it, at least they are just petty jerks rather than crazy.

    HH - of course that is the way it works. The most egregious example was soda companies putting their machines in the schools by giving a cut of the profits. But long before that things have been "Generously donated by (Company Logo Here)". Except for anonymous donations, someone always gets something out of it.

  7. Next they will ban surf PE because some of us have a spiritual connection to the ocean while we ride waves and feelthe pulse of the earth .

  8. Organized soccer youth leagues are the real religious cultist of Encinitas, and the taxpayers are building them an $80 million sports park!

  9. JP- Best post in a long time. You need to crawl out of retirement once in awhile. Love the disclaimer.... Way to funny!

  10. Kevin or JP-

    How about putting a screwer through the school district money grabbing Tim Baird? That dude is worse for Encinitas kids than Jerome Stocks is being honest about pension reform.

    "Parents please donate to your schools, so I can get a huge raise (over 215k now baby! more than the City Manager makes! yeh hammy!!!)and the trustees just gave me a huge cashable life insurance policy so when I leave your dumpy little future vegetable pickers in the dust, while I will live in pure heaven. Thank you to all the worthless parents who will never step up for their kids future because it make them feel uncomfortable!. Your the best!!!!!!. Ciao!"

  11. OH.... I just thought of something. If your kids are not in Dual Language Immersion (DLI), then you aint shit. I hope they are, because otherwise, " eres un perdedor"

    the EUSD is clueless and full of union lemons... passing their days and waiting to retire. Their complacency equates to your childs lack of education. No wonder America is falling apart, no one gives a shit any more about the youth and education.

  12. While I understand HH's cynicism, the EUSD yoga program, as it's being taught to kids in the classrooms, doesn't come packaged under the "Ashtanga" label. The instructors whom I've met, the ones actually teaching the kids, just know it as "yoga"... They are not chosen by the Jois foundation and certainly don't instruct the students that it is a different or special type of yoga. Having assessed this issue from all sides, I'm left to conclude that those folks critical of the program are dishonest about both the facts and their own agenda(s).

  13. The real motive for this is "revenge"

    How christ-like.

    Christians will always strive to undermine education. Look around the country. Consider the statistics. Listen to the politicians. They embrace ignorance.

    Bright side: the dumbest Christian idiots don't have as loud a voice here as in other parts of the country. At least they're not demanding creationism to be taught alongside evolution. But still, calling yoga classes religious indoctrination is disturbingly stupid.

  14. Please tell me Jackie is a product of our bar scene & not our school system.

  15. Yoga is more about breathing than stretching and it is an excellent coping skill. FYI these stretches have Sanskrit names, but there are MUCH worse things you kids could be doing. I object to your use of the word "milf" in your post, it is sexist.

  16. Yoga is more about breathing than stretching and it is an excellent coping skill. FYI these stretches have Sanskrit names, but there are MUCH worse things you kids could be doing. I object to your use of the word "milf" in your post, it is sexist.

  17. Rob,

    Just local schools and a few masters. I didn't graduate valedictorian of LTBAD like you.

  18. Masters degrees from our sister school, maybe (Learn To Be A Drunk).

  19. Rob,

    One of my masters was in psychology which helps Identify drunk Dicks who blog stupid ass comments.

  20. That box wine is making you sound smarter and smarter. Go pour yourself another Solo cup -- you deserve it.

  21. Soooooo Funny!!! You must crack yourself up!

  22. Rob's superior intellect is only matched by his superior douchiness.

    It must be exhausting to feel so above the masses and consistantly come off as a complete tool when trying to be the local blog deity.

    Jerome would be proud of you Rob.

  23. Gonna just let that masterpiece stand. Weren't you the guy who argued back-and-forth with some other mouth-breather about who got to use the handle "loser"? Your input is always thought-provoking. Thanks.

  24. I'm such a douche I can't leave anything standing.... I love to look at you low life drunks drinking your ghetto wine and calling yourselves loser or rob.

  25. While I was just protecting a lady I may have come off a little rash for using the J word Rob.

    Now you're making it hard to extend my apology sir.

    You have me with the argument with the troll.

    Was that you Rob?

    Oh yeah as I said in another blog.

    I drink ale sir! Anderson valley or Stone is my choice.

    Thanks for watching us low lifes from so far above.

  26. 7:49 comment was not me. For proof, follow the profile link.

  27. Rob you've been handle jacked!

    Rob and faux Rob

    What's up with all the cheap alcohol comments?

    You got a problem with having a libation or two?

  28. rob,

    Ego, Ego, Ego.... who ever said you were the only rob?

    I know a ton of people have called you an anonymous Dick, or should I say Dicks- you are what you eat.

  29. I agree that Superintendent Baird is paid far too much. Yoga involves body, mind and spirit. The emphasis in classrooms, I'm sure, although I've not attended, is on stretching.

    Here's the thing, while it doesn't bother me, I understood that the Yoga people paid the school to be allowed to teach? So I don't know how many dollars are being spent on this, BUT and it's a big but, Baird should have done a better job of informing the parents beforehand, so that those unfamiliar with the fact that Sanskrit names are used for some of the poses, for example/

    Or, for those fundamentalists of any religion, or for atheists, for that matter, anyone, who feels that Yoga is not acceptable for his or her children, those parents should have been informed of their opt out alternatives.

    Many years ago, when we had Health in elementary school, when I remember learning that one should take a towel and rub briskly to dry after showering, some of the kids would leave the classroom, go to the library, as I recall, because they were Christian Scientists, and their parents had the option of their not having to sit through health class!

  30. Baird is making far too much, but our City Manager is making $226,000 per year now, the highest rate of increase (from Phil Cotton) of any city manager in the county, comparing 2010 to 2012. This is according to a report in the UT by the Watchdog.

    When Baird came to EUSD he was making $65,000 per annum LESS, than the $200,000 plus benefits he was paid from 2009 to 2012, when he finally finagled a raise. At first Mo and Greg of the Board of Trustees voted no, and one trustee was absent. So Baird insisted on another vote at a subsequent meeting, where Greg S. CAVED, Mo stood firm, but the vote was 4 to 1 to give him a raise.

    Plus Baird has been TERRIBLE in suing the City of Encinitas over the public's not wanting to privatize the surplus school site Pacific View, by rezoning, taking it out of the public domain for short term profit for developers, and for another "star" on Baird's resume.

    Baird helped to get Prop P passed in 2010 for $44 Million, a 30 year bond, when we had also just voted for Prop O a couple of years before. And now Prop AAA squeaked by, for another district, the San Dieguito High School District, but I read in the Coast News it also has an elementary school in its district!

    So for Prop AAA that's another $75 on our property tax bill, adds up, between the three bonds, to $225 per year, and much more, for people who bought later, because it's $25 for every $100,000 of currently assessed value. Not easy for folks on a fixed income, as in retired.

    I care about our public schools and voted for Prop 30, but Baird is taking this too far. He came here with the intention of NOT honoring the Naylor Act, which mandates that when a surplus school site is initially offered for lease or sale, 30% of it must be offered to the city and county for open space, if the grounds were used for playing fields, as they were 8 years before. In Encinitas, the school was permanently closed in 2003, when it was OFFERED FOR LEASE to the City for $1 per year, for a temporary public works yard. Both the City and EUSD let us down, as the playing fields were paved over, without requiring the district to declare the site surplus, then, when it was leased out. The Naylor Act requires that an appraisal should have been done, THEN in the current public/semi-public zoning, because 30% of the land, minimum is to be offered to the City and County at 25% of its appraised value.

    Baird tried to cheat the public in Ojai out of a promised skatepark, when he was Superintendent at OUSD through 2008. When he came here, at a lot more money, their skatepark was built, but Baird set his eyes on selling out and gaining another "feather in his cap" by trading short term profit for loss of an irreplaceable public asset, part of our community character and our historical heritage.

    The Artists Colony could lease out the classrooms, repairing them and maintaing them. The district kept saying the Naylor Act didn't apply, as they were going to trade the property, not lease it. Not so, now. And that was just a way to get around EUSD's duty to the public trust, to preserve donated land in the public domain, for the greatest common good.

    Baird has been awful. He threatens the City and now, the only dissenting Trustee, Maureen Muir is told by Baird, that she should, in the future, recuse herself on PV votes, as Baird feels there could be more litigation, which would result in a conflict of interest.

    Not so, says Glenn Sabine. The Fair Political Practices Commission should be consulted on this.


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