Saturday, December 08, 2012

Your Choice: Be Proactive or Be Annihilated

Pension bomb illustrated:

Illinois pension obligations: Using Illinois as an example of what happens when pension obligations are underfunded.


  1. All those who voted for Proposition 30 helped fund the pensions. The money goes to general fund and democrats and Jerome Stocks love giving all the money to Government Pensions. Pension Pigs win and your children lose.

  2. Lets check out Tim Baird and the EUSD- Tim is the highest paid School superintendent per capita in the county and per his suggestion the board just gave him a big fat life insurance policy that he can cash in whenever he wants at their last board meeting.....

    He is a sneaky pig who knew if he put the item after the crazy yoga item with hordes of people speaking, no one would stick around through that insanity to speak on yet another raise...... more from a Pension Pig who is milking our kids educations dollars for selfish interests. The whole school board with the exception of Mo Muir needs to be recalled or shot. They clearly hate our children. LOSERS!!!

    This guy has to go and the Board has to go with the exception of Mo.

    Check it out for yourselfs... they keep asking all the parents for contributions and then they give whopping amounts of cash to worthless Tim Baird.

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  4. Here are your kids education enemy's:

    Marla Strich, Gregg Sonken, Carol Skiljan, and Emily Andrade, President. These fools are smitten with the snake oil salesman Tim Baird. These losers remind me a lot of Jerome Stocks. Yuk. Big pay for Administrators, who care less about your kids education or class size.

    Watch- Even with more no "education taxes"- your class size will be going up. Not as much as Tim Baird's cash equivalent compensation, but enough to continue to hurt your kids future.

    Here is a link to show your children's enemy's faces:

    Note: Mo voted against all Baird's increases in compensation and votes in favor of your children's education.

    Its telling that Tim Baird put's the Superintends web link above the board of trustees. Haaaa!

  5. I agree Vouchers and lets get busy, busting that Union. The lemon teachers are thick in the school district and block the truly talented teachers from larger compensation which they deserve. Fire Tim Baird.


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