Sunday, January 13, 2013

Leucadia bakery and breakfast burritos

Dos Palmas, on the 101 and Jason. Another great mom and pop shop in Leucadia.
Not super cheap
But good
Nice atmosphere
Nice people
Explore the variety of pastries and beverages for special surprise treats. Go outside your normal menu item routines for the reward at Dos Palmas
Yummy chi tea!


  1. Get it while you can. Closing soon.

  2. Its hard for a business to succeed in this area, that is designed as a raceway to get people to drive fast through this area and slow down and shop and relax in downtown Encinitas. It sucks. Too bad all our money is going into that huge financial drain of the Supoer Sports Complex.

  3. Fred, what makes you say that?

  4. That's not good news Fred. Too bad. It is a great place to sit outside on Sunday mornings and people watch while having some pan dulce and coffee.

  5. What do you care loser. You could give a shit if any business makes it. All you care about is keeping that roadway status quo, unsafe, and blighting the surrounding business community.

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  7. Heard the sad news from a few different sources. Great building, nice people and I love their fish tacos. Truth is 90% of restaurants don't make it, no matter where they open. Hard to pay payroll, utilities, materials, and probably outlandish rents without a line of people at the door to generate a profit. I'm surprised the location housing Fish 101 is doing so well, but glad it's finally caught on. I can't remember all the names for the places that place has been. Jimmy's; a Hare Krishna veggie restaurant; another fish house; Hawaiian fare; Gina's Pizza to name a few. The Calypso building was that way as well, then it caught on. So sorry to see it close. Hard act to follow. Before that it was "Creating Feelings (a candle shop); Da Kine veggy restaurant; a cathode ray style sports bar; Brer Rabbit's Tar Baby veggy place; and I think way back a food store.

  8. Too bad Fred.

    They say it takes five years to make it in the restaurant business.

    Happy Fish seems to be doing ok so far. That place has been so many other joints too. I was sad to see Leucadia sushi go. It too has been many other entities, most famous amoung them Leucadia Pizzaria.

    Troll Rob

    I do care and actually patronize and support our local business'
    on a daily basis. Do you?

    If I had enough money I'd spend it all in Fred's store. I love that place.

  9. Leucadia Pizza was next to what is now, Robbie's Riadhouse, that was a classic car showroom.
    It is sad that DosPalmas is on its way out.
    Bob Burnquest's family ran a cool little Brazilian, I think, restrurant where Papagayo is. Fish 101 is a success and deserves to be.
    Support our local businesses.

  10. Of all the come and gone places I miss Kansas City BBQ and Chli Coast Burger the most!

    Never quite understood Dos Palmas operating hours.

  11. Leucadia Pizzeria began next to Robbie's Roadhouse. They then moved to expand their operation to where Leucadia Sushi just left. They expanded once again to their currnet location at 101 Enc Blvd. and branched off into one or two others that I don't know where the hell are. But LP is one of a few examples of a successful Leucadia businesses moving to expand their business. Hasn't happend to Caldwell's Antiques yet. I can still cram more stuff in here.

  12. Too bad about Dos Palmas, but not at all surprising.

    Someone told us that Yu Ye Ma was closing as well -- can anyone confirm or deny that bad news? I suspect they had it confused with Leucadia Sushi.

    I am surprised by Fish 101's success, Fred. However, my neighbors report that they built a very nice deck out back and de-ghetto-ized the parking lot back there. Their image, marketing, & menu is far superior to previous restaurants in that building. They really seem to know what they're doing, and I hope they continue to do well.

  13. I have never understood why that bluff property on the north end with that awesome view of Ponto could never support a good resturant?

  14. When I win the lottery, I'm buying that lot to build the first fast veggy food drive thru. So nobody come complaining to the Planning Commission already. In the 70's when my car was stolen, it turned up at the psychedelic motels that used to stand there. (Dad called it the leper colony).

  15. The existing unsafe, fast and ugly roadway is the cause of blight in the area. Look at how many successful business have started in Leucadia and then have moved on.... they do so, because the environment is built as a freeway to move cars through the area as fast as possible (like to downtown Encinitas or Solana Beach). Areas like downtown encinitas are built as destinations that make people want to spend some time there enjoying life. This is a no brainer. Improve the roadway to make this area safe and more inviting for people to hang out and less like a freeway and businesses will thrive. A big part of the that effort is to make it more bike and pedestrian friendly. I know Fred gets it. I don't think the light has gone on in Losers mind yet. Businesses that have left Leucadia- Leucadia Sushi, Leucadia Pizza, Its a love thing, Deep Fling, Wade Koniakowsky's Art Studios..... the list is endless.... all the businesses that stand a chance more to an area that is more conducive to a successful business. What we have is a super crappy area for businesses. You know what thrives in places like that?- Tweekers and low lifes, and words like the "L-word"

  16. Lucy

    I do get it. I've been dealing with this highway for 30 plus years. I support the streetscape. I do not support sharrows for a lane.

    You talk about blight but can't seem to admit that the blight is also caused by that railroad easment.

    That easment could provide a great bike and walking trail all the way from Cardiff beach to Ponto.

    Look I just want progress that makes sense not knee jerk election campaign promises that peicemeal our progress.

    If we are to build tunnels which I don't support {at grade would be better and less costly or better yet sink the train not the locals} for access from the east to the west and roundabouts to slow down the traffic inline with crosswalks, sidewalks and bus stops on Vulcan and 101 which I actually do support, let's do it all in a collective thought process that address these and many other issues and is part of the General Plan as a whole.

  17. Well I stand corrected, you do get most of it. The Bike lanes will only be a positive with no noticeable impact to cars. Its not knee jerk and you shall see. Its a needed safety improvement.

  18. A perfect example of this piecemeal thinking process is the tunnel to nowhere at Santa Fe.

    There are no sidewalks on the west side on Vulcan and it's just a three way stop without crosswalks at Santa Fe.

    They will have to put a another signal at K st to get across 101 and there are no sidewalks on the eastside of 101 as well on that end.

    Is there a plan to do all of that and when will that happen?

  19. good point. They should put a roundabout our a ped crossing crossing at the ped crossing to swamis. Your right they don't think through the whole plan..... but thats what you get from a City lead by a guy named Stocks.

  20. What is preventing the city from dealing with the easement blight? It's bizarre.

  21. The tunnel to nowhere will be Stocks grand legacy.

    He sat on the SANDAG and NCTD board and all we got from him and his friends for help on that blighted corridor is that tunnel and upgrades at Leucadia Blvd and 101.

    The cost of a decent bike/walk trail on that easment from Cardiff to North Leucadia could not come close to the cost of that damn tunnel.

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  23. Stocks legacy will by no doubt will be 3% at 55 PERS.

    that dog is sick and needs to be put down or run out of town. The weirdest part was he was running under a republican party position?


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