Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Big Giant Metal Tube

At Moonlight Beach


  1. From the city:

    This is part of the work for the 2nd Street Sewer Project. The pipe will be installed vertically for what is termed a "receiving pit". If you recall from the Council meeting on the award of the project, a portion of the sewer line will be installed without actually digging a trench. The method is called Jack and Bore. There will be a large excavation to install the "jacking pit"; this is where most of the actual installation equipment will be installed. From the jacking pit the pipe is forced by jacking, like the old car jacks, into a drilled hole. The receiving pit is basically where the pipe exists the jack and bore operation, usually where a manhole is to be located. It is an interesting process from an engineering side.

  2. Whole lot of crapping going on - it is a sewer pipe.

  3. Wait till the snack bar opens.

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  5. Ya know, for all the horrible looking stuff in that picture with the suffering banana trees, folding emergency sign, War of the Worlds style street light and gigantic galvenized crap holder, that's one colorful and hypnotic photo.


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