Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Iconic Encinitas Structures over 30' tall

La Paloma theatre, Self Realization Fellowship, the Boat Houses and the Greek Church all exceed 30' in height.
The beloved Balboa Park Bell Tower soars 200 ft into the sky.


  1. ...don't forget the beacon at Beacon's.

  2. These are classy examples and fit the environment. Sadly PACIFIC STATION is an horrible example of what happens when greed and poor design ideas take over.
    It shouldn't have been approved. The height and bulk of the building is so painful to look at.

  3. Why have there been no beloved icons built in the last 20 years?

    What is the next likely 30+ foot structure in Encinitas: an archictectural icon or a commercial eyesore?

  4. Those are indeed iconic but do you want a bunch of 50' tall multi-family boxes in our residential neighborhoods so cheezy developers from orange county can maximize their property's potential?

  5. The icons can still be built, because the public would support it. The public will not support many more pacific stations.

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  7. Don't forget the train station in Solana Beach. Very cool building that adds a lot of community character, built in the past 20 years and probably close to 50 ft tall.

  8. Are you kidding? If Noah got the green light from God to build the ark in Leucadia today, he'd be sued and we'd all be sunk by heathens at City Hall meetings.

  9. They're putting up a multi-family BOX on Jason Street between Hermes and Vulcan. As it is now, the street is mostly single family houses, mostly 1 story. It is going to the max height, 33'... it wil If the height allowance was 50' I'm sure they'd take it there.

    Money is all that matters to these developers. Square footage = money.

  10. WC: answer: icons don't generate property or sales tax

  11. I don't think the boat houses are more than 30 feet tall.

  12. Maybe they're counting the masts it used to have.

  13. I agree. Nor is La paloma. The fact is 33 feet is 3 stories. Each story is approximately 10 feet.

    The higher you go, the more sunlight and sky view you take from your neighbors.

    For every action, there is a re-action.

    Nothings for free.

    When Someone developes a 3 story building, someone loses sunlight and views by their action.

    Ying/yang.... cause and effect.

    Its that simple.

    support the 30 foot high limit.

    When we need an icon, the public will get behind a good one and support it.

    that way we don't end up with eyesores like they experience in Coronado, PB, La Jolla, and Oceanside.

    The vote proposal is a good proposal. Probably the best thing Cameron has been involved.

    Thank you Sheila for your work on that issue.

    Now if you'd only pull your head out of your ass on some of the other topics, I could actually take you serious.

  14. Pacific Station is still Pacific Station at 30' or 33'
    La Paloma is 40' from the tower to sidewalk.
    Boats are over 30' measured from the sidewalk.
    People freaking loooove the new Whole Foods. It would have passed easily in a general vote and would have been approved at 40'

  15. The Encinitas sign isn't 30' tall either.

    If you measure from the sidewalk instead of the ground level the structure is on, there are thousands of 30' tall structures.

  16. The boat houses are not 30+ feet tall. Building height is measured from the natural grade at building side, not at the lot edge. The only exception is when the slope is 10% or greater, and then the height is limited to 20 feet on the upper side. I don't think the site has a 10% slope.

    All one needs to do is drive around Cardiff south of Birmingham and look at the lower side of houses on steep lots. They get a third story (basement) and don't exceed the 20 feet on the upper street side.


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