Thursday, February 28, 2013

R.I.P the Bar Leucadian

We come bearing sad news with heavy hearts: The Bar Leucadian's last night is tonight, Thursday February 28th 2013.

We will be doing a special commemorative post on this historic Leucadia watering hole, so please send any stories, photo's or history to


  1. What are they doing with business? Did someone buy it? Are they tearing down the old place and build some more boxes that will ultimately be given back to the banks like the rest of them, and then the banks will sell their bad notes to the Fed Government, and then the Feds print money/devalue the dollar to buy the bad debt, and then your savings (what little is left) is decimated. Great system we have!

    The FED is fucking everything up big time and the current politicians are screwing your children's future.

    And YOU made this happen for voting for idiots like Obama and Romney who kept Bernanke and all the other clowns at the FED on their same destructive path.

    Shame on you, YOU Suck!

    Have a good day- Kid Haters!

  2. Guess there's no reason to keep the front open if your illicit business has been shut down...

  3. That is such a shame. There are so few places to dance the night away or hang out being stupid. From what I have heard since last August , the Bar did not close down because of Obama or illicit drugs but due to the neighboring inhabitants who insisted on complaining to the police. Freedom takes another blow for the truly free once again at the hands of the middle class who just want a quiet night for the rest of their lives. Why they chose to live next to the Leucadian is still up for investigation but stupidity and selfishness have long been accepted as a reason to stop others from enjoying life. Hopefully someone will develop it into something that will work for all Leucadians. In the meantime people, show yr support and yr right to party by throwing endless bashes in yr homes bringing back Bacchanial revelry ...have toga parties and when the cops show up tell them its a civil statement.

  4. Lynn is no Leucadian:

    Why so angry??

    Romney?? Seriously?? He wasn't even elected??

    Have you ever thought about the big mess were in is OBAMA??

    Also, business is business! Some succeed - but most fail. That's life. I'm not losing sleep over it. Now, maybe something "higher class" can move in and help take Leucadia to the next step.

    We have 90 new millionaires moving in on Vulcan new Shea homes project. Have you seen the prices of homes going into escrow lately around Hermes ? Over 1 million for 1200sf teardowns! The times are a changing - I know sounds corny - but it's true.

    Try some Yoga. It will help relax you...

  5. No need for such profanity! It is simple Bar Leucadian unfortunately made some poor choices (like selling cocaine out of their register). And now unfortunately they are losing their business because people don't want to support such a establishment. Believe me I loved that bar but I will not support illegal activity even if they cleaned up.

  6. Yeah, drug sales were the downfall. Being closed half the summer didn't help. Definately a local icon and the property owners (who used to run it) had nothing to do with it's fate under the new management.
    It's been sold to the party who bought Uncle Duke's and probably open again very soon.

  7. Who said I'm angry. I just care about my kids.

  8. $1 000 000 is equal to $500,000 10 years ago. Million is nothing now thanks to the FED. Most of you are too stupid to understand

  9. If Lynn is no Leucadian, then the Leucadia Farmers Market is no Leucadian. They are both south of the Union Street parallel.

    I prefer to consider Leucadianness based on quality of character for anyone north of the Encinitas Boulevard line. Lynn most certainly qualifies.

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  11. That said, "Lynn is no Leucadian" is absolutely right about the Dirty Fed's debasement of the dollar.

  12. Whelp W.C. -

    Birds of the feather, F)(&*k together.

    Have fun with that one big guy.

    I could care less if your Leucadian or not.

    The actions of L-word is gross. and you can get your fancy anyway you chose.

    True Leucadians are easy to read. Lword is no Leucadian.

    Whats your read W.C. is Lword a Leucadian?

  13. Oh yeah, W.C. sorry that you live south of Union.

    So I guess your right. You live south of Union, and your attitude of freedom is Leucadian.

    Yet Lynn, that lives south of Union, is more the victim and no change kind of person. That is not Leucadian.

    Good discussion point.

    What I do know is when one teams with Mike Adnreen, you are no Leucadian and therefore Lynn Braun and Shiela Cameron are no Leucadians.

    Pray for there souls.

  14. So, I guess someone bought the Leucadian, presumably to run it as some sort of bar? Anyone know anything about it?

  15. It was originally Leucadia for a few years all the way south to Cardiff untill it was more than we could handle and Encintas took a lot of it from (at least) Santa Fe up to Union St (which used to be called Urania). We're free to call ourselves Merlites too for that matter as Leucadia north of Union St was called "Merle"
    for a few years around turn of the century, but that didn't fly and it went back to being Leucadia. The official name of Iran was Persia up until 1935. But people still cherish calling carpets from that area Persian rugs. Anyone wanna guess waht 101 was called?


    Who doesn't know that?

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  18. Lynn is no Leucadian:
    How does voting for Obama OR Romney have anything to do with the closing of the Leuc?
    Why do your messages have a beligerant tone?

    Despite many years of certain late night Bar Leucadian partiers loudly proclaiming (to us sleepy neighbors) that they were walking home-- Every week we got to experience free shows -- singing very badly at the top of their lungs, angry threats or fights erupting due to the liquid courage - we ignored all of it. We'd just roll over and go back to sleep.
    When we moved in over a decade ago knew it was part of the "fun" ambiance of the neighborhood.

    Maybe the facade wasn't pleasing to the millions of motorists who drove past it over the years. However was a destination and local hangout with a certain vibe that fit the neighborhood.

    To the superficial:
    The Leuc was like your embarassing relative that no matter how you felt about them, would always be there.
    The Leuc was always an original and was always OURS.

    Like other unique characteristics of our 'hood's past (tree at Leucadia park, healthy Eucalyptus trees lining our part of the 101. In the manner of having loyalty for Leucadian funkiness I'll miss the Leuc. It won't be the same.

    Hopefully it gets a new tenant who'll put careful thought into making improvements like certain other new businesses thriving on our part of the 101.

  19. How does voting for Obama OR Romney have anything to do with the closing of the Leuc?

    Well, Romney and Obama both support the War on Drugs that the Leucadian was busted in...

  20. I was at the luke tonight. Open and seemed the same to me. Not sure what the future plan is. Its still pay cash for drinks. No band tonight.

  21. On a happier note:

    Good people doing good things for a good future.

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  23. The Bar Leucadian is open again. It has new ownership and will be renamed back to the original "The Leucadian". Having worked at the old Bar Leucadian in the past, I have first hand knowledge of what has happened there. The cocaine sales were performed by a customer not an employee as many people have incorrectly stated. Because this illegal transaction occured in the bar, the bar was held responsible. Just because the bar was punished for this activity does not mean any employees were involved. If employees, management, or ownership were involved the bar would have been raided by authorities and probly closed down a long time ago. The previous ownership ran that place the right way. I was there for years with hardly an incedent to report. I've been to plenty of other bars in Encinitas/Cardiff where that is not the case. What happened to them was a product of the sherriffs dpt. running a sting on an idividual who they bought drugs from multiple times at different places. This individual was not affiliated with Bar Leucadian in any way except for the fact that he drank there on occasion. Because this individual sold illegal drugs to officers in the bar thats all they needed to penalize the bar. Honestly this could happen at any bar/restaurant. It's sad so many people believe so many thing based on media coverage and hearsay without knowing the facts. I for one was proud to be involved in that iconic establishment and wish the new owners all the luck in the future.

    1. You know nothing about the lou or it's owner. The bar owner is a coke head who let this guy sell drugs so he could get free coke for himself. The place sucks and i wish it would be closed permanently. The people in leucadia suck, bunch of kooks who think their so cool because they live on the coast.

  24. Thanks for the update and corrections, and I wish the new owners well. I more than most know how the press can get a story wrong completely wrong and what a job unringing that bell.

  25. Love the comparison


    KLF: Keep Leucadia Funky = small independent mom & pop shops along the historic coast highway 101. NO corpo chains! Maintaining and refurbishing original buildings & developing new interesting architecture and businesses in the empty lots. Investing in basic downtown infrastructure every 50 years. Safe and healthy environment for the next generation of Leucadians.

    KLCC: Keep Leucadia CrappyClub = a small but vocal group of LA transplants, stoners and alcoholics who moved here 30 years who flip out even if you plant flowers or fix a pothole.

  26. Speaking of planting flowers;
    A few years back I and some friends decided to weed the first median north of Leucadia Blvd on 101 and plant California Poppies. (The poppies later went nutz by the way, in a riot of color). As we were pulling all the weeds, someone brought it to my attention that one suspected illegal weed was present about 6" tall. Of course none of us wanted illegal resins on our gloves so we ignored it. But we had to laugh at how long it lasted as we drove by it for two weeks undisturbed, until one day someone else anonymously decided to beautify Leucadia and pull a weed. I hope it was ultimately used medicinally and didn't lead anyone to heroin or dancing.

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  28. plant the CA poppies seeds where ever you can.... they are gorgeous and easy to grow.

  29. You would think. But Leucadia Town Council spread many thousands of poppy seeds along 101 early last year to add some color. Also, around that time an anonymous member of L-101 (not me) twice spread wildflower seeds for the lenght of the median from Glaucus to Robertos. I filmed the liquid poison trucks going down the east side of the hwy. Don't know how the median flowers got euthanized. I saw only ONE awesome plant flower. And then one day it completely dissapeared, as if by magic. In any event, looking forward to the day of approved blossoms. Richard was the only successful guerilla gardener with the legacy of cacti he left by the donut shop. Looks great! L-101 also did a great job of keeping 6 of the medians alive with plants. Thanks William and co.

  30. Jerome got wind of the plan and ordered every median in Leucadia and all the side street areas to be strayed with Roundup.

  31. It be so nice to see some lavender, black eyed susies and poppies grow and bloom along the 101 medians.

    Now is a good time for some more guerilla gardening. Start spreading those packs of wildflower seeds.


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