Monday, February 18, 2013

The similarities are uncanny


  1. Boy Encinitas Lynn was right.

    They do look the same.

  2. Please! I saw that ugly Orwellian thing today as I was up in the air hanging Arts Alive banners. Who's idea was it to allow someone to blight that beautiful new lamp post with a surveilance camera and radar screen? Hopefully it's temporary measure to take car counts "they" requested, or we should all agree on ONE thing and go moon it on a regular basis.

    In 1993 when LMA polled the merchants, the vast majority wanted classic looking street lamps for 101. Not only for aesthetic reasons but safety of course. In the 30's, the county had started doing just that, and 12 or more lamp posts were installed. (Lucky grandparents only had attractive ones to choose from back then !). The dozen or more poles did a good job of lighting a dark highway. They were even on in the 70's. Mid-nineties the city removed the remaining ones that were non-working and in disrepair, installing instead a few tall interrogation style lamps.
    Though the years, the original poles ended up in several photos I'd taken. Ideally, I wanted the identical poles replaced for continuity's sake, but I couldn't find the manufacturer. Coincidentally, I found a picture from Disneyland's Mainstreet (see this blog link ) and Walt had chosen the very lamps Leucadia had from the 30's to compliment his turn of the century downtown. (And don't forget, it was Walt who copied part of Leucadia's charm for Mainstreet, not the other way around). When NCTD did the improvements to the Leucadia Blvd/101 intersection last year, I was stoked they framed it all with classic lamp posts. Undoubtedly, someone who disagreed with me created the pink sign they put in the park upon the project's completion. It disturbed me only for a second, then I had to laugh and go back and not tear it down, but take pictures of it and share them. THANK YOU blogmaster for posting them. You just can't please some people. And as Mom used to say, they'd bitch if they were hung with a new rope.


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