Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Bruce Knight Fundraiser

Local Leucadian Bruce Knight was out surfing in Baja Mexico, January 11th with his sons Beau and Brock when a wave drove him to the sandy bottom with such force that his whole body was paralyzed.
A surfer close by, Colt Semingson, realized Bruce was not breathing.
Colt helped pull Bruce out of the water and started CPR.
Someone at the beach was able to call for an ambulance which drove Bruce and his son Beau to the small town of Todos Santos. Brock found his mother Ann walking on the next beach over. Together they drove to Todos Santos to catch up with the medical team.
There were a series of ambulance rides from Todos Santos, to La Paz and back, ending with a final ambulance ride to San Jose del Cabo to the St. Lukes Hospital.
On the evening of January 12th, Ann was finally able to coordinate a medical evacuation from San Jose del Cabo back to San Diego.
Through the grace and kindness of many people, Bruce’s life was saved but he had very little feeling and limited movement his arms and legs after fracturing his C2. The doctors are optimistic that Bruce will recover.
 Update: February 12th, one month after being admitted to Sharp Hospital, Bruce walked out! He is back home in Leucadia and continuing with out-patient therapy. The doctors are astonished by his recovery. Bruce is expected to wear a neck collar for at least two more months to protect the cervical spine and the spinal cord syndrome that occurred.
A donation site and event has been set up to help the Knight family with their costly medical evacuation out of Mexico.

To donate online: click here

Local Event Sat Feb 22nd
Silent Auction with our infamous local artists:
Bryan Helfand Paul Ugie Uglow Mary Fleener Rodney Rodrigo Mccoubrey and more!
- Music - Beer -
Lavender Field
165 Avocado Street
Leucadia, CA 92024
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