Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Crazy Transient Terrorizes Swamis


  1. He obviously is mentally ill. However, that does not excuse his behavior in filming children. Unfortunately, unless he becomes violent or threatens someone, the police have their hands tied. There is a state law that allows mentally ill people to be taken for treatment, however San Diego County has not implemented that law as it up to each county to enact it. San Diego County is trying its own program called IHOT which has workers contact the mentally ill and try to convince them to get treatment. What the success rate is, I don't know. The police should question him and confiscate his camera if there are complaints that he is targeting children or threatening people.

  2. Encinitas, you lay with dogs, you get fleas :)

  3. The Sheriffs have been dealing with him. Even the hippies that hangout over there have been totally over this guy... Swamis Drama...

  4. another florida transplant who needs to return home

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  6. Each day this person physically threatens people he thinks he can beat-up and threatens litigation against people who are bigger. The Sherriff's Deputy's came twice on Sunday before noon! One undistinguished and rotund deputy made a less that intelligent comment about our boards laying out next to the rail saying how is that different from the sprawling mess this guy creates by his car. I told him the difference is I'm about to go surfing in 10 minutes and remove my board. If we call the cops they want to hassle us? The Sheriff's Department fails to recognize this guy is a danger to others due to his mental illness. He is technically 51-50 and should be removed to County Mental health for 72 hour observation. The Sheriff's Department is FAILING to protect and serve. Some of these Deputy's come with an attitude about surfers (anyone remember Deputy Shultz). They told my son he doesn't have a drivers license. They told my son if you see him driving let them have got to be kidding me. They want my son to do their job? They are being completely inept at protecting the public because this is happening to surfers at a surf spot. if this guy had this behavior ANY OTHER VENUE he would be arrested and sent for observation. Why is a surf spot different? The answer is because the Sheriff's Department sees surfers differently.

    1. Agree. If he was parked everyday outside City Hall acting like this you bet he would be 51-50'd.


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