Sunday, August 10, 2014

Who will be the next/first Mayor McCheese?

A lot of people want to be the first official mayor of Encinitas!

From the UT:  

The five people who met Friday's filing deadline are:

 -- Munawer "Mike" Bawany, an engineer who is making his first run for political office.

 -- Sheila Cameron, a former Encinitas mayor and council member who has remained active in city issues and frequently attends City Council meetings.

 -- Alex Fidel, an independent journalist who supports the Encinitas Medical Cannabis Initiative and worked as a petition gatherer for the California Legalization of Recreational Marijuana Initiative, which attempted to qualify for the ballot this year.

 -- Kristin Gaspar, who started serving as the city's appointed mayor in June and was first elected to the City Council in 2010. She is the chief financial officer for Gaspar Doctors of Physical Therapy

 -- Tony Kranz, who was elected to the City Council in 2012 and has two years remaining in his council term. Kranz is an account executive for a printing company. 

Two people picked up papers, but did not complete them before the filing period closed: Tara Joanna Stafford, who collected her paperwork July 29, and community activist Al Rodbell, who recently indicated on his blog that he very was conflicted over whether to run for office.

The Coast News reports that William Morrison and Bryan Ziegler have also pulled papers to run for mayor.  

Burning Question: Why would anyone want to be mayor of Encinitas???


  1. Reserved parking at Swamis? Free burritos at Juanitas? Fame, fortune, payola....

  2. I don't know. But please don't hire that burger to stalk me if I ever run.

  3. Word is Mike Andreen has already gotten his anti Cameron hit pieces lined up!
    He's reportedly running Alex Fidel's campaign

  4. 10:26 great one, too funny

  5. Smokin' answer: To bring local politics back to the people.


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