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Historic Encinitas building to be torn down?

Miles Kellogg built this building on D St, between Hwy 101 and Second Street in 1928.
Drawing via the Encinitas 101 Main Street Association website

Manhattan Giant Pizza and Kealani’s Hawaiian restaurant have both been in this building for more than 20 years.

The building recently sold and the tenants received a 30 day eviction notice. 

From the Coast News,

Property records show that the building was owned by Encinitas residents Maurice and Constance Lund, who passed away within a month of each other in the spring.
Bralla-Martin said that the property passed down to the couple’s children, who recently sold the property. He said the rumor is that the new owner is planning on demolishing the structure to make way for a mixed-use development.
The Coast News attempted to contact the Lund children to confirm the property’s sale, but did not receive a call back before publication.
Opinion: Obviously the city must prevent the destruction of this historical building. 

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Gaspar calls out Blakespear and Shaffer

See the Del Mar Times story about the September 28th Encinitas City Council meeting: clicky

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NCTD Overlords to enforce strict NO CROSS Zone

New news is old news.

 The North County Transit District or NCTD has announced it is going to once again strictly enforce the NO Trespassing rule along Leucadia's train track zone.

 So, YOU that just wanted to get a quick donut and coffee, you will now get slapped with a $500 ticket or face 6 months in jail.

 It's worse than that, this is no mere ticket, this is a crime!

 Yes, every year a few people "opt out" and step in front of a speeding train to end their lives. It's doubtful that the authorities are on a suicide prevention patrol. After a suicidal person receives their $500 will it give them second thoughts on their decision to end their life?

 The railway in Leucadia is infamous for it's barren scorched earth landscaping.

 This summer trains are kicking up HUGE dirt plumes that spin and vortex across the coastal corridor.

 The NCTD has a long history of failing our beautiful coastal towns. Nothing like paying premium coastal rents and mortgages to have the Amtrak or Coaster blare it's horn and blast dust all over your family trying to get to the beach. learn more at this Encinitas Patch story

We've been using this photo on this blog for years, since nothing has changed it's still relevant.

 For bonus content on what a great job the NCTD does in Leucadia check the International Leucadia Bus Terminal